Motorbike rentals in Menorca

The first you have to do in Menorca is to breath and you will connect automatically with the island effect. The special light, the clouds, the sky, the sea… in Menorca you will feel that time stops. However, you shouldn’t loose it, the island is not very big but it has a lot of beauty things to show you. Seize every minute of your stay.

SA good way to begin to know the island is to rent a bike and start down the road from Maó to Ciutadella. You can turn at any intersection to discover hundreds of narrow wall of rocks roads around the island. In the south of the island you will find the white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, whether in northern beaches you will enjoy the red sand cliffs. Menorca has over 70 beaches. Some of them have a nearby public parking where you can leave your motorbike. To access the most pristine ones you will have to walk, but it’s worth it. Park your rental motorbike and let loose yourself in the trails of the island, all end up in the sea.

If you decide to rent a scooter your chances of enjoying the island multiply. With your motorbike you can access the island highest point Monte Toro, it is located in the centre of Menorca and from here, on a clear day, you can master it all. It is also spectacular the view from La Mola in Maó and from Punta Nati in Ciutadella.

Beyond the views, Menorca has numerous prehistoric sites to visit. You will find and extensive collection of megalithic stone monuments from the Torre d'en Galmés to Son Catllar. If you decide to make a long excursion it is highly recommended to go round el Camí de Cavalls, an ancient road that runs along the island and has been reconstructed in recent years to explore on horseback, mountain bike or walking. Unlike the other Balearic Islands, Menorca was British for 100 years. Even today this fact is reflected in the daily life of the island with its traditions, architecture and some English words that have been adapted to Minorcan.

As well as the track el Camí d'en Kane, an ideal place to go on your rental motorbike and enjoy the authenticity of Menorca way. Don’t miss the main Menorca harbours: Maó, Ciutadella and Fornells and visit the fishing village of Binibècquer. Again feel the island effect. It is small yes, but here are a thousand places to go, a thousand traditions to discover and a thousand things to do, rent your motorbike and let you discover the coolest corners. We leave them to your choice. And remember that Menorca was declared UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve in 1993. So wherever you go with your motorbike keep in mind the natural balance of the environment.

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