What kind of documents do I need to rent a vehicle?

You will need the ID card, as well as the driver's licence. It has to accomplish the specific conditions of each office on the minimal age and the years of experience. In any case, the driver's licence must be valid in the country. For NON European drivers, you must have the INTERNATIONAL DRIVING LICENSE if you want to rent a motorcycle in EUROPE.

Can I pay with a credit card?

You can pay by credit card or cash. Each office will ask the credit card when booking to confirm it, but you will be present when they use it to charge the service.

Is any deposit necessary?

Depending on the office, you must leave a deposit from 300 to 1500 euros per bike, but always depend on the office. This can be deposited both in card or cash. The office has the obligation to return whenever the vehicle meets the requirements for repayment.

Can the moto-rent.com partner's motorbike be used by two people?

Initially, all the bikes allow passenger (which must wear helmets). Depend, in any case, the office and vehicle model.

How do I get to the office?

In the section "office" you'll see the different offices with a map and a recommendation of "how to get there" in public transport if it exists.

What happens if I have an accident or my vehicle is stolen?

You are covered by insurance for damage to third parties. To damage or theft on your scooter, depend on the insurance contracted with each office, that goes from full risk insurance to the simplest one.

Is the gas included?

No. You will have to return the motorcycle with the same quantity of petrol that delivers you. If for any reason it cannot be, an equivalent quantity will be added in the total price in Euros determined by every office.

Can I drive a moto-rent.com partner's vehicle in a circuit or off road, etc?

No. Generally Moto-Rent's vehicles are prepared for the exclusive driving in roads; the driving out of the same ones is a violation of the terms of the contract of rent.

Can I tow to someone with a moto-rent.com partner's vehicle?

No. The tow is an activity prohibited in the contract of rent and is not allowed under any circumstance.

What happens if I want to return the vehicle in an other office?

You should realize this fact with the office reception and delivery of the vehicle. Most likely have a surcharge.

What happens if I return the vehicle after the return date?

Initially, you have about 29 minutes margin. From there, you'll be charged an additional day (12h) in the full price. In any case, it is recommended to advise the branch where you rented the vehicle.

What do I have to do if I have any kind of problem with the moto-rent.com partner's vehicle?

Depending on the contract, you'll have travel assistance. In any case, please contact the office of Moto-Rent where you rent the vehicle.

What happens if I must change or cancel my reservation?

You have from 12 to 24 hours to cancel the reservation. It deppends on the individual conditions of each office/associate.

Are the taxes included in the price that appears in the screen?

On the screen where you indicate the price of the reservation, it also appears a detail of the options included in the fare (insurance coverage, taxes ,...). Taxes (VAT) are detailed in the road reserve.

Are the insurance included in the price?

It depends on the rate applied. Please see the inclusions on the screen where the price is indicated to see if it is included.

What does "there are no available vehicles" mean?

This message means that there is no availability of the vehicle at the office and requested dates specified in your query. You can check other dates or other offices in order to do a booking.

In case of an accident, you must inform a soon as possible of it to the phone number that you have in the contract sheet.